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Do you feel hurt and limited by past losses and disappointments? Do you feel you have been derailed from living a full life?


I would like to help. I have worked with individuals and couples for over 35 years. Many of these people found themselves stuck in patterns that have held them back in their relationships and in their careers. Sometimes people feel no matter what their effort, they repeat the same mistakes.


I find that often very painful events and relationships in one’s life can cause a person to avoid all sorts of thoughts and experiences that are associated with pain. Sometimes a history of never feeling seen or heard for who you are can cause people to become shy and people pleasers. Conversely a person may become quite determined to meet their needs in ways that can alienate others. Or a person might avoid all meaningful relationships.


Psychotherapy can help you feel more flexible and creative in your capacity to live life more meaningfully and capably.


I find that psychoanalysis, where one has several sessions a week, is especially transformative. The continuity of the sessions allows one to go much deeper and to reconnect even more with lost parts of oneself. When lost parts are found and accepted, one finds that much of one’s positive energy had been lost too and is now returned. Integration of lost parts allows one to live more creatively and pleasurably.


I have helped many adults, couples, and children. I also teach and supervise psychotherapists and psychoanalysts.


License Number PSY12656

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